How to Handle Eviction Issues in Connecticut

How to Handle Eviction Issues in Connecticut

Handling Eviction Issues for Landlords and Tenants

An eviction is a legal action in which a landlord seeks the help of the court to determine whether a tenant should be removed from the rental property, or if they have the legal right to stay in the property being rented.


At Darius Law Group, we have reliable real estate attorneys who can help you deal with eviction issues in Rocky Hill, Hartford County, and throughout Connecticut. Whether you’re a landlord struggling with a problem tenant, or a tenant dealing with a difficult landlord, our law firm is here to help.


For Landlords

  • Has your tenant breached the lease or rental agreement?
  • Is your tenant refusing to leave the rental property after they’ve been told to leave?
  • Is your tenant refusing to pay the rent on time?


A Notice to Quit must first be served on the tenant before a Summary Process action can be initiated. Our Connecticut real estate attorneys assist landlords in dealing with a problem tenant who violates the terms of the lease, doesn’t pay rent, or damages the rental property.

For Tenants

  • Do you disagree with a complaint made by your landlord?
  • Do you believe that your landlord committed a breach of the rental agreement?
  • Do you need time to settle your affairs before moving out?

Our landlord-tenant attorneys assist tenants in dealing with difficult landlords in Rocky Hill, Hartford County, and nearby areas in Connecticut. If you’re dealing with a landlord-tenant dispute, our lawyers can help.


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