What is a Will?

what is a will

What is a Will and Do I Need One in Connecticut?

A will, sometimes called a “last will and testament” is a legally-binding document that states who will receive your estate after you pass away. It also appoints a legal representative who will carry out your wishes that were stated in the will. A reliable estate planning lawyer in Rocky Hill, Connecticut can help you set up a will and create an estate plan that is right for you. Schedule a consultation with our estate planning attorneys to know more!

What Does a Will Do?

Most individuals will use a will to leave instructions about what they want to do with their estate once they die. However, there are also different uses for a will. You can:

  • Name a guardian for your children in their properties
  • Decide how you want your taxes and debts to be paid
  • Provide for your pets
  • Use a will to serve as a backup to your living trust

What a Will Won’t Do

You shouldn’t try to use a will to:

  • Put conditions on your gifts
  • Leave instructions for final arrangements
  • Leave an estate for your pet
  • Make arrangements for assets that will be left in another way

What Are the Legal Requirements of a Will?

To make a will in the state of Connecticut, you must:

  • Know which properties you have
  • Understand what it means to leave your properties to someone after your death
  • Create a document that states who your beneficiaries are
  • Sign the document
  • Have two witnesses sign the document

Need Help with Creating a Will? Call our Wills Attorney!

Planning for the future is a perfect gift for your loved ones. If you want to start creating your estate plan, our wills attorney in Hartford County, Connecticut can help. Call our law firm to get started!

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